LED Neon Flex Cable

Our neon flex is an energy efficient, long lasting and safer option to tradition gas neon. Being flexible in nature, the cable can be shaped and manipulated to create unique designs. The LED neon flex is coated in high quality PVC and Silicon, so it is safe to use in both indoor and outdoor* applications.


  • Coated in a combination of PVC & Silicon
  • UV resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • IP67 rated water resistance
  • Salt water & Solvent resistant
  • Weather proof
  • Little to no heat given off
  • No glass or gas used like tradition neon signs
  • Can be adapted to suit multiple applications
  • Uniform light
  • Includes 12V transformer
  • Lifespan of up to 50,000 hours (approximately 5 ½ years 24/7)

Our Process

Step 1: Send us an email or fill out our customer order form with what you’re after. Remember to include sizes, designs or inspiration to help with the design and any other questions.

Step 2: We’ll aim to get back to you as soon as possible with an approximate figure, answer your questions and send back any follow up questions if required.

Step 3: You’ll confirm whether you’re happy to proceed and we’ll send you a formal quote, along with a mock-up of the sign. At this stage we’ll require your approval on the artwork and a 40% deposit to start the production process.

Step 4: We’ll aim to create your sign within 10-15 business days. Throughout with process, we’ll send you step by step photos to keep you informed at each point.

Step 5: Once complete, we’ll send you a photo of the sign working. At this point, we’ll send you a final invoice with what’s left to pay, including delivery. As soon as we confirm the final payment has come through, we’ll ship the sign out for you to enjoy!